What is Nooma Living?

Nooma Living is about all things essential to life and living. We’ll feature topics such as essential oils and its benefits, share food recipes from a nutrient dense diet, discuss family life, journey through child development, explore exercise and converse about faith and God.


Nooma is the phonetic spelling of the Greek word “pneuma” (πνευμα) which means “breath of the nostrils or mouth” and also “the spirit which is vital in giving life and making a body alive.” It is this spirit or breath that is essential to living and to exist.


Nooma Living is built upon the idea that breathing is essential to life. When our lives are heavy and full of stress, metaphorically and physically, we are not capable of taking that deep breath of air that gives life and is cleansing to our body, mind, and soul. Without that deep breath of air, we are left restricted and unable to live a purposeful and intentional life.


Nooma Living exists to help others take that deep breath of air to gain life, freedom, and space to live a holistically healthy life!

Essential Oils

Having a natural solution for our health has radically changed the way we approach wellness.

Delicious Food

We love foods that are not only delicious, but also good for you. Good health should taste great!

Child Development

Giving our children the very best start in life takes a lot of thoughtful, intentional work. There are no shortcuts!

Healthy Living

Being in tune with your body's needs will ultimately impact your quality of life. It's NEVER too late to start your journey!

Spa Reviews

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John Preston

Spa Reviews

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Annie Roberts
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