My husband and I used to have movie night on Saturday nights after my son was asleep…I mean after all, where can a married couple with a pre-schooler go, when that pre-schooler is sound asleep?  Our only option would be to have a date night in our living room. In the past, while watching the movie we would eat dinner, have dessert (ice-cream was always my favorite) and add in a few snacks here and there – including corn chips, potato chips, and even popcorn.

But now that I am on a nutrient-dense diet that does not include corn or potatoes, I was left with no salty snacks for movie night – until one day I made roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner.

Some of the extra leaves accidentally got really crispy and crunchy and my son only wanted to eat the crunchy ones. I tried them and it was SO tasty! All I added was ghee and salt and voilà – absolutely delicious Brussels sprouts! So, I decided to do the same thing to the baby kale I had on hand and voilà it was the same – absolutely delish!

I purchase my organic baby kale at Costco since it is affordable. It comes in a large bag and since it is the baby kale, I don’t even have to cut the stems out! My husband and son love this snack. I’ve shared this with some of my colleagues and they loved it too! So much so, that they wanted the recipe. And now I get to share this with you! Here’s to hoping that you love it too!

Organic Baby Kale Chips


Organic Baby Kale (Costco)

Ghee (see how to make your own here)

Sea Salt

Heat oven to 350 degrees. And then, I literally grab the baby kale by the handful and put it on a cookie sheet, drizzle ghee on top, salt it and stick it in the oven for 15-20 minutes or when the chips are crunchy. Be sure to place the baby kale evenly on the cookie sheet, otherwise, the leaves will not crisp evenly, leaving some brown and others still damp.



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