We have discovered through our own research that our bodies, when properly stocked with nutrients, are meant to heal and protect themselves.  One very important line of defense lies deep within us – our GI tract.

Whole person health begins with gut health.  If your gut (stomach and intestinal lining) is working at optimum levels, then the body can absorb the nutrients it needs and block the pathogens that are trying to breach our body’s defenses.

Think of it this way – if our digestive tract is a defensive wall built with soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder, then an ally can easily be recognized and allowed to pass between them.  But an enemy (pathogen, harmful bacteria, etc.) steps up to the wall, then the soldiers will not allow them to breach their borders.

If the wall isn’t healthy, then the soldiers wouldn’t be able to recognize or stop an intruder.  This causes quite a bit of harm since the gut plays a primary role in our body’s defenses.

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